Want to learn how to resolve the root causes of brain fog and experience day-long focus?

We'll show you how to narrow down the causes of your brain fog, and think more clearly than you have in years!

If you ever:

- reach for caffeine to get you through the day

- feel frustrated that your "to-do" list never gets done

- switch tasks too often because you can't think straight

- wish you could have "your old brain back"

Then we invite you to join us for 1 hour per day for 10 days and we'll help you:

  • give yourself maximum brain recovery by getting the deepest sleep possible with our "Sleep Prep Checklist"

  • eliminate post-meal fatigue by healing the lining of the gut and addressing food triggers head-on

  • optimize your brain wave state by applying simple exercises in neuroscience and psychology


We're hosting this 10-Day challenge LIVE on Zoom so you can ask us questions on how to resolve the root causes of brain fog. 

Live Challenge: We're offering 2 call time options for this challenge so you can choose which time of day works best for you (or you can attend both)!

All participants will receive handouts and download an app where you can mark off the challenges each day!

Challenge Start Date:

February 1st

Time Option 1: 10:00am MT/12:00pm ET

Time Option 2: 6:00pm MT/8:00pm ET

Can’t join us live? Replay access is included in your ticket.

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  1. Complete the details above where you can enter your payment info. This will register you for the challenge & officially save your seat.

  2. Watch your inbox for your confirmation email, which will include the Zoom link, extra details, and a chance to make a special request for content you’d like me to cover in the challenge.

  3. Add the challenge to your calendar so you can make the most of the challenge and be a part of the bonus live Q&A!

Our pledge to you

  • narrow down the causes of your brain fog, and think more clearly than you have in years

  • stop telling yourself you're "being an idiot," getting old, or feeling scatter-brained, and start resolving the actual cause of your brain fog (FYI - the problem isn't YOU).

  • be connected to a super supportive and fun community

  • BONUS: "Brain Fog Free" 3-Day Meal Plan

  • BONUS: 5-Minute "Functional Mobility" routines to increase body flexibility and brain connectivity

  • BONUS: List of our favorite therapies for brain recovery

  • BONUS: A "Morning Mindset" instrumental playlist

What are people saying?

  • "I legitimately thought I was getting old.... turns out I had 'leaky gut' and so I was having an immune response almost every time I ate a meal, and that's what was making me feel tired after meals and clouding my mind. Healing my gut has given me far more brain clarity than I had before, and I don't bloat or feel tired after meals anymore. Very grateful I learned how to do that."

  • "Worth it within the first call. My mom needs this, my spouse needs this, everyone I know who talks about "brain fog" needs this. Myself being the first."

  • "I am surprised how fast the 'sleep checklist' worked for me! I started sleeping better that very first night. There's NOTHING like a good night's rest."